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Adam CBC 16 Counting Bench Scale 16kg x 0.5g
Adam Equipment CBC16 CBC countng bench scale 16000 g with 1 g linearity, backlit LCD;..
Adam CBC 32 Counting Bench Scale 32kg x 1g
Adam Equipment CBC32 CBC countng bench scale 32000 g with 2 g linearity, backlit LCD;..
Adam CBC 4 Counting Bench Scale 4kg x 0.1g
Adam Equipment CBC4 CBC countng bench scale 4000 g with 0.2 g linearity,&nb..
Adam CBC 48 Counting Bench Scale 48kg x 2g
Adam Equipment CBC48 CBC countng bench scale 48000 g with 4 g linearity, backlit LCD; 225 ..
Adam CBC 8 Counting Bench Scale 8kg x 0.2g
Adam Equipment CBC8 CBC countng bench scale 8000 g with 0.4 g linearity, backlit LCD; 225 ..
Ohaus RC31P15 Ranger 3000 Counting Scale 15kg x 0.5g
Ohaus R31P15 Ranger 3000 compact counting scale 15000 g (15kg) x 0.5 g with ±1 g linearity..
Ohaus RC31P1502 Ranger Counting Scale 1500g x 0.05g
Ohaus RC31P1502 Ranger 3000 series compact counting scale 1500 g x 0.05 g w..
Ohaus RC31P3 Ranger Counting Scale 3000g x 0.1g
Ohaus R31P3 Ranger 3000 series compact counting scale 3000 g with ±0.1 g linearity an..
Ohaus RC31P30 Ranger Counting Scale 30kg x 1g
Ohaus R31P30 Ranger 3000 series compact counting scale 30000 g (30 kg) x 1 ..
Ohaus RC31P6 Ranger 3000 Counting Scale 6000g x 0.2g
Ohaus RC31P6 Ranger 3000 compact counting bench scale 6000 g with ±0.5 g linearity an..
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