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Benchmark Scientific Analog Stirrer H4000-S
Benchmark Scientific H4000-S-E analog stirrer with 19 x 19 cm (7.5 x 7.5") ceramic top-plate an..
Benchmark Scientific Digital Stirrer H3760-S-E
Benchmark Scientific H3760-S-E digital stirrer with backlit LCD display and 16.5 x 16.5 cm (6.5 x 6...
Biosan MM-1000 Overhead Stirrer
Biosan BS-010306-AAH MM-1000 Overhead Stirrer Multi Mixer with timer, speed of 40 to 1000 rpm, 20 Li..
Biosan MMS-3000 Magnetic Stirrer
Biosan BS-010305-AAF MMS-3000 High Speed Magnetic Stirrer with 160 mm dia. stainless steel platform,..
Biosan MS-3000 Magnetic Stirrer
Biosan BS-010301-AAF MS-3000 High Speed Magnetic Stirrer with 110 x 110 mm stainless steel platform,..
Electrothermal PS60042 4-Position Stirrer
Electrothermal PS60042 4-Position Stirrer with 1 Litre capacity and speed 350 to 2000 rpm, 230V ..
Electrothermal PS60043 5-Position Stirrer
Electrothermal PS60043 5-Position Stirrer with 400 ml capacity and speed 350 to 2000 rpm, 230V ..
Electrothermal PS60044 9-Position Stirrer
Electrothermal PS60044 9-Position Stirrer wiith 250 ml capacity and speed 350 to 2000 rpm, 230V ..
Grant Mini Magnetic Stirrer 160 mm MMS-3000
Grant MMS-3000 Mini Analog Magnetic Stirrer with speed 0 to 3000 rpm, stainless steel top-plate, 160..
Heidolph MR Hei-Mix S Magnetic Stirrer 503-02000-00
Heidolph 503-02000-00 MR Hei-Mix S analog stirrer with 80 mm dia. PVDF top-plate and speed..
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